The Legacy of Trickey’s West
Book I: Winning

When truth becomes legend, they stop writing about the truth and only write about the legend.

The Legacy of Trickey’s West Book I: Winning

Introduces an internationally popular uniquely American sport revealing an insular community. Among the stories of remarkable women never told, are the women of the west. Westerns have been portrayed wholly by white men speaking English; the cowgirls’ stories have not been told.

A Contemporary Story about Current Issues
Book I begins this fictional historical crime drama, based on a true story, which takes place during decades of social and political upheaval. Yet the issues could have been ripped from contemporary headlines. The female characters (multi-cultural-ethnic and cross-generational) handle contemporary challenges, balancing: career vs. family, fame vs. privacy, friendship vs. competition, child vs. parent, and addictions: drugs, gambling and alcohol, substance and spousal abuse.
Teenager vs. Parent
A single parent, Ed, is worried about his daughter’s future. Like any teenager, Lorena pushes Ed near his breaking point. Life on the ranch is a constant battle throughout her childhood and adolescence as they battle over her future and education. She wants to ranch; he wants her to graduate. When she quits school, Ed sends Lorena to boarding school. She leaves before graduation, joins a Wild West Show, which fails, and then joins her best friends on the rodeo circuit. At the core is Lorena’s addiction to danger, and her belief that she could handle — and beat — anything and anyone, which is her greatest strength and her nearly fatal flaw.
Girl vs. Girl: Best Friends, Bitter Rivals
Lorena’s a natural athlete; her close friends, Mabel, Kitty and Bertha, are her teachers and mentors. But after Lorena’s first race, they become competitors – not an easy transition. Although competition includes wins and losses, the cowgirls uneasily manage their friendships, while they remain adversaries inside the arena. The story of these world-class champions is not only the story of friends who work together; it’s the never-been-told story of the first successful female athletes in the world.
A Coming of Age Story
Lorena dedicates herself to achieving professional success and the cowgirls enjoy international fame, popularity and wealth. After a decade of competition, finally only one professional goal eludes them, the All Around Championship. Mabel and Lorena are elected representatives to petition the Board; but they are denied; cowgirls cannot compete in the All Around. Mabel takes a pragmatic, politically astute perspective, she’ll continue, and in time, becomes the first real cowgirl crowned Queen. She’s grateful for what she has, which also includes a husband, a child and a successful ranch. Kitty quits to join her husband, who moved to Hollywood to begin a film career as a stuntman. Lorena’s devastated; she feels betrayed and fights with Kitty and Mabel. She departs for Chicago alone, for her last exhibition ride and the uncertain future ahead of her.
Action Adventure Sports Story
The rodeo events involve danger, awe-inspiring risk, talent, athletic ability and highly trained skills. Lorena creates innovative, daring and ever-more dangerous techniques. She suffers injuries (competes with a broken leg); humiliations (races in a ripped skirt), losses. She is fearless and courageous professionally, but hovers on the edge of danger. Lorena becomes a four-time world champion athlete at 16, and dominates her sport for ten years.
A Love Story

Lorena’s personal life is the diametric opposite of her professional bravado; she’s a coward who recoils from relationships. At Kitty’s wedding, Mabel and Kitty manipulate Slim to meet Lorena.  Despite a magnetic attraction, their conflicting personal agendas and her girlfriends’ constant interference keeps Slim and Lorena apart. Slim appears in her life at consequential intervals.  

After rescuing Lorena from being trampled in Chicago, Slim guides her through a grueling physical rehabilitation. During a very public, platonic courtship, he escorts her through nine days of competition.  Lorena wins the championship, the love of her dreams, and Slim finally wins his champion.  Lorena is ready to change her life and career when she’s finally seduced by and marries Slim. She begins a new career – a stuntwoman in Hollywood films.

The Legacy of Trickey’s West Book II: Losing

She thought it was the right move, he was the right man, and it was true love finally at the right time.  But she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Two years later, he’s dead and she’s indicted for his murder.